Circle of Directors

MEET THE 2017-2018 circle OF DIRECTORS

Our circle is comprised of a diverse group of professionals with a passion for assisting women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide a positive networking environment to promote entrepreneurship as a viable business option for women. Circle members have a variety of business experience, and work on a volunteer basis to serve the organization.

We are devoted to providing the best experience for our members; if there is any way that we can improve your experience please let us know by sending an email to

Jaz Villemaire, Lead

I used to work in communications and leadership training in the federal government – but over the years I felt a growing pull for more creativity, more joy, and more freedom. I became a part-time Spiritual Mentor and Teacher, Soul Realignment® Practitioner, and Reiki Master. I studied with leaders and teachers in Canada, the USA and Brazil. My biggest life shift came after a two-week retreat at “The Casa” (John of God) in Brazil in 2011, which precipitated my departure from the cubicle-world to start on the new adventure of entrepreneurship. I now help women find their own courage and resilience to make the changes they want to see in their life; and I support women entrepreneurs find their authentic voice and true abundance through a soulful design of their businesses.



Lorraine Driscoll

I empower women and children to overcome the limitations of brain & body disorders like ADHD, reading disorders, autism, over-eating, anxiety and more through an approach that combines therapeutic nutrition with brain integration therapy.

After completing a Masters of Science in Teaching degree, I taught in the public school system for over a decade. Early in my career, I was faced with auto-immune and mental health issues. This motivated me to heal the root cause and led to further training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. More recently, I was inspired to seek training in neuroplastic learning to holistically address many of the learning challenges that I had witnessed in the education system, but was unable to implement in the day-to-day classroom environment.

My unique approach is both holistic and scientific. I focus on healing the brain-gut connection through bio-individual nutrition therapy and then utilize internationally recognized neuroplastic brain interventions—Integrated Listening Systems and Read-On. These interventions stimulate the brain to re-organize and re-pattern so that it can function in a more interconnected and efficient way.

My program, Your Best Brain & Body Weight-Loss, fosters sustainable eating habits by merging the principles of body ecology weight-loss with eating psychology so that women can heal both their metabolism and their eating mindset.

There is no magic bullet solution, but I believe there is always opportunity for each person to achieve optimal brain & body function. My mission is to empower women with the knowledge to support brain-body healing by restoring the basic practices that were once routine wisdom to maintaining the optimal health of the family.

I love watching my clients witness the profound healing and empowerment that can occur when they take an active role in their brain and body health!

Holly-Marie Conway

Hello everyone!  My name is Holly-Marie Conway, HMC if you please, and I am YOUR Director of Programming for the 2017-2018 year. I research and book the speakers and venues for our group. If you have any suggestions, please approach me at our meetings or email me at

I was born and raised in Cornwall before exploring Canada while in my first career as an aircraft technician. Later, I transitioned into hospitality before returning to Cornwall for my business diploma.
I am the owner of Strength Through Speaking. I began in public speaking over 25 years ago with a debilitating stutter and plenty of pluck. Over the years, I learned to win competitions, charm employers in interviews, and reach the top 2% of Toastmasters International.  I provide communication training for organizations, groups, and general public. Private coaching is available for your specific needs.


Lorraine Regnier

My name is Lorraine Regnier and I’m really looking forward to serve and support you as your social director this year! I live on a farm with my husband and three kids, about 20 minutes northwest of Cornwall, and I am passionate about living soils and regenerative agriculture, and our farming practices reflect that. We also have a crop consulting business and help local farmers make the best of their resources.

In January 2015, I joined a company that was changing the lives of people living with joint pain and mobility issues with a natural, safe and effective regenerative solution. This company is now a division of Mōdere and as a social marketer with Mōdere, I help people live clean, achieve their weight goals, reduce wrinkles from the inside out (without cosmetic injections), say goodbye to joint discomfort and regain mobility. I also help change the life of pets too!

I feel my best when contributing to improve the well being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Connie Augi

As an owner of 3 businesses in Cornwall and being a single mom and sole supporter for over 18 years, I feel confident saying I can identify with and appreciate the need and services that are provided by this organization and all of it contributors.

I am a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) and a fellow member with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. I own my own practice for 25 plus years. I have also just celebrated my 27th anniversary with AVON as an Independent Representative and Sales Leader. However, in February 2013 I found my true passion. I was introduced to and partnered with Melaleuca ” The Wellness Company”. We are North America’s fastest growing and largest online Wellness Shopping Club. I share information about our company and products to help folks learn how to shop healthy on a budget. We feel great health should be accessible and affordable for everyone. If our customers are interested, I can partner with them and show how to generate an additional stream of income on a part time basis alongside their current occupation. We have natural products to address today’s major health concerns, a PURE Essential Oils line, Non Toxic Cleaning and Science proven Vitamins and Supplements that are readily absorbed into your body backed by two Clinical Research Studies. We tout an unparalleled selection of skin care and makeup, weight management/exercise and Medicine Cabinet products as well. Our Company has been GREEN for 32 years, long before it was fashionable!

I am an assistant Small Group Leader at our church and I receive great enjoyment from volunteering with the local Meals on Wheels Program 2 – 3 times every month. I actively participate in many Fundraising events throughout the Community. My interests are reading, concerts, live theatre and travel. I look forward to contributing in the position of Treasurer working alongside this wonderful group of women for the 2017-2018 Year!!


Huguette Boulerice-Bélanger

Hello, I am very pleased to have joined WE’s Directors Circle as administrative support. I was born and raised in Hull, Québec and have been living in Cornwall since 2001. I have worked in management with the Federal government for 26 years and recently retired on March 17, 2017. Now that I live outside a cubicle world, I am pursuing my journey into self-development and have created Inspirational Healing. At this moment, I am a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach. My goal is to teach people how to change their present to manifest a better future. As I continue to discover my passions and creativity as part of my journey, I am certain that I will be a strong contributor in self-care, self-love and self-acceptance.

I am a grandmother of 8 and an avid Spyder motorcycle rider along with my doxie Peanut. I also have various interests and involved in helping women with addictions in my community on a voluntary basis.

I look forward to working alongside a wonderful group of women!