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November Gathering – Monday 27th at 6:30pm at Schnitzels

Holly Marie Conway

Are you excited about your business, but terrified to talk about it? Does the thought of networking make you nauseous? Learn to let go of this anxiety as Holly-Marie teaches basic public speaking skills and how to introduce yourself in any setting.

Holly-Marie is a DTM from Cornwall, Ontario. She is a former youth champion speaker in the Royal Canadian Legion, Optimist, and Royal Canadian Air Cadet programs.

Her ability to speak was invaluable in her first career as an aircraft technician, convincing employers to take a chance on a young woman in a male-dominated industry. In her second career in hospitality, she learned to be charming and calm amidst the chaos of hotel life.

Let HMC help you find your voice.

Carl Richards

Speak Into The Mike!

Is this on? Can you hear me? Check One Check. (tap, tap tap!) Sound familiar? Quite often as speakers, we’re called on to use a mike so we can be heard in a larger room. Do you know how to use a microphone with ease?

Carl Richards is a Broadcaster, Speech Coach, Corporate Trainer and Professional Speaker. Through positive and effective coaching, Carl helps people realize their true talents and potential when it comes to communication. He’s coached a diverse group of individuals with speaking, from students to business professionals. His workshops and seminars are educational and informative…his messages of inspiration move audiences to action!

 November Gathering – Monday 27th at 6:30pm

Look again soon as we announce our plans for the Christmas Gala

January Gathering – Monday 27th at 6:30pm

Depending on who you ask, getting dressed to face the day ahead might be fun, daunting, depressing or just confusing.  The truth is, we all have a different relationship with fashion. What we all have in common is that we want to look our best.  Join me as we explore some basic tips to make getting ready for any event (going to the park, office or special event) fun and stress free. 

Lisa Owen,Co-Founder and CEO of Rent Frock Repeat

Lisa Delorme’s sales career began when she was just seven years old – selling chocolate covered almonds in an effort to raise funds for her bowling team. After completing her B.A. in English at Carleton University, the young and ambitious professional worked for over two decades at some of the world’s largest corporations including Coca-Cola and Xerox. For three years, Lisa served as President at the Art Institute of Toronto (AiTO), recognized in the industry for its prestigious Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, and Merchandising programs. She also spent four years as Vice President at AiTO’s parent company, Education Management Corporation. Through her vast experience, Lisa gained the insights and experience to lead marketing, sales, and P&L responsibilities at one of Canada’s most promising new e-commerce businesses, Rent frock Repeat. Lisa relishes this opportunity to turn the retail model on its head and lead the sharing economy while ensuring women across Canada of any age, race, or economic status have the opportunity to enjoy luxury while reducing their fashion carbon-footprint.

Lisa’s favourite RfR dress: Theia Silver Blonde Beaded Gown