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 February Meeting : Monday February 26, 6:30 PM at Schnitzels

Doreen Ashton Wagner

The 5 Feminine Blocks Keeping Women Entrepreneurs Struggling

What’s love gotta do with business? Plenty, if you’re a woman entrepreneur.
Frustrated with the inflexible demands of the corporate world, women are choosing self-employment and launching businesses – at a rate 1 ½ times faster than men, according to a 2015 Amex study.
For many of us, it’s not about getting rich or building an empire – those are nice by-products, but they aren’t our true WHY. Women entrepreneurs often start their business because they want a better life for their family.
As the traditional caregivers, LOVE is part of our DNA, even our business DNA. While our caring nature makes us great collaborators and community-builders, it can hold us back. It’s the Love-vs.-Business Trap that keeps us frustrated and stressed:

  • It makes us hang on to toxic clients
  • It prevents us from firing bad employees
  • It stops us from charging the fees we deserve
  • It keeps us saying “yes” when we should be saying “no”
  • It pushes us to the brink of burnout

This isn’t about “growing balls” or denying our feminine approach. It’s about establishing healthy boundaries. It’s about honouring our natural inclinations, authentically. So we can lead a happy, fulfilled life for ourselves and our loved ones.

During this session you will learn to:

♥ Recognize the feminine behaviours that sabotage growth
♥ Understand the science behind gender roles
♥ Reframe and manage the triggers that keep setting us back
♥ Create appropriate boundaries
♥ Design your own confidence-boosting process so you can trust your instincts and make better business decisions!

This interactive workshop is led by Doreen Ashton Wagner, a professional facilitator and Host of ForLoveAndBusiness.com, a community for women entrepreneurs eager to stop struggling and leave the Love-vs.-Business Trap behind for good. Doreen started the community because she is passionate about how entrepreneurship can lead to a life of FREEDOM – not just financial freedom, but freedom to live the way we choose to as women, mothers, wives and partners. Read more here.

March Meeting : Monday March 26, 6:30 PM at Schnitzels

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April Meeting : Monday April 23, 6:30 PM at Schnitzels

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May Meeting : Monday May 28, 6:30 PM at Schnitzels

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