Lorraine Regnier

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My name is Lorraine Regnier and I’m really excited to be on this women empowering journey with you! Here’s a little bit about me.

I am a certified crop advisor and I live on a farm located about 20 minutes northwest of Cornwall with my husband and three children. Our love for farming goes far beyond growing a variety of crops on the ~300 acres under our care: we are passionate about soil health and we grow our crops using farming practices that fuel soil biological activity, and protect and even enhance soil health (and ultimately human health!). Soil degradation is an issue across the world and we are part of a movement in the agricultural community to help regenerate the health of our soils. After all, the fate of our civilization rests on a few inches of topsoil!

My other passion is helping women improve their mobility and lifestyle through my health and wellness business. My company offers a regenerative approach to joint degradation (arthritis) that goes far beyond killing the pain and masking the symptoms: it addresses the root cause of pain and mobility issues (I do have a thing for regeneration!). I love how this unique approach helps repair and rejuvenate the body from the inside out as we age (so no needles involved), skin included! It’s all about health and beauty from within, and I love that concept!

As an owner of 3 businesses in Cornwall and being a single mom and sole supporter for over 18 years, I feel confident saying I can identify with and appreciate the need and services that are provided by this organization and all of it contributors.

I am a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) and a fellow member with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. I own my own practice for 25 plus years. I have also just celebrated my 27th anniversary with AVON as an Independent Representative and Sales Leader. However, in February 2013 I found my true passion. I was introduced to and partnered with Melaleuca ” The Wellness Company”.

Our Company has been GREEN for 32 years, long before it was fashionable!

I am an assistant Small Group Leader at our church and I receive great enjoyment from volunteering with the local Meals on Wheels Program 2 – 3 times every month. I actively participate in many Fundraising events throughout the Community. My interests are reading, concerts, live theatre and travel.

I live and breathe marketing. And I’m good at it.

Since 1994, my firm, VersaCore Marketing & Events, has served over 300 small businesses like yours and has created thousands of logos, flyers, brochures, websites and other promotional material.

I also co-own “Local Seeker Media Group”, publishers of The Seeker 2 in 1 flip magazine, where I serve as Managing Editor.

I am Editor, Motivator, Marketer, Designer, Dreamer, Traveler, Songwriter, Activist, Wife, Mother, Food & Coffee Lover, in no particular order.

I am a strong woman who has various interests and am heavily involved in my community. I devote my time generously and am part of many of many of Cornwall’s most famous events. You will find me behind the scene at many Art Exhibitions, at the International Women’s Day Show, The Very Big Christmas Show and of course, at Ribfest.

I sit on the City’s Cultural Committee, on the Santa Claus Parade Committee, the Ribfest Committee, the Be The Link Fundraising Campaign and am also a member of the Optimist Club of Cornwall.  I am proud to be spearheading WE and hope I can help you feel empowered.